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This Simple Morning Routine Will Set You Up For a Stress-Free Day

What if I told you that what you do in the first 2 hours of your day can either make your day more stressful or calmer and more productive?

It’s totally true! I know that if I get myself and the kids dressed and ready for the day first thing in the morning, I feel more motivated to be productive and it’s a lot less stress trying to get everyone out the door for errands later that morning.

If I take 10 minutes to make the beds, wipe down the bathrooms and start a load of laundry, I’ll get a quick and easy win for the day. A few minutes to check my calendar and pull out something for dinner can make the difference between a home cooked meal and takeout (again.)

Whether I am home all day with the babies or spending the day out and about, my day just flows better when I’ve followed my morning routine. I’ve learned the hard way that if I skip it, I am less productive, the house gets way messier, dinner becomes an after-thought, and I end up more stressed.

Morning Routines Don’t Have to be Complicated

My first morning routine was very detailed I had an in-depth morning checklist that I followed every day. Honestly, that was a little much and in the end I found that simple is usually always better.

Tiihis simple morning routine helps me to focus on 4 key areas of my day. The order changes with the season of life I’m in, but these are the core things that I must do to get my day off to a good start.

1# Rise and Shine

Everyone has to get ready for the day. We get up, make the beds, get dressed and take care of morning hygiene. After the big girls head to school, I wipe down the counters, sinks and toilets with a disposable wipe. Then I collect the dirty clothes from everyone’s hampers and head over to the laundry room to start a load of laundry.

#2 The Kitchen

We take our vitamins, feed the pets, and I make myself a cup of coffee (or usually by now my second cup ). Then it’s breakfast time for myself and the littles (my big kids eat breakfast at school). I unload the dishwasher and clean up from breakfast.

#3 Think About the Day

I review my to do list and check my agenda for the day. Occasionally I have tried to skip this because, “I know what’s happening today,” and inevitably there will be something on the calendar that I forgot about. Check your calendar. That is all.

Finally, I plan for dinner. I pull out meat to thaw if I haven’t already the night before. If I know I have a busy day, I plan something in Instant Pot.

#4 Think About Self

Everyone gets vitamins, and I take 20 minutes to read a bible passage or devotion.

Does Your Morning Routine Order Matter?

The order of my morning routine is constantly changing as our life changes. My I only had a toddler and a baby at home, I got up and coffee and prayer time first and I did all of my morning chores after breakfast.

Now that I have two in school and two littles at home, I grab a coffee and get my big kids off to school, then get myself ready and work my way from the back of the house (beds and bathrooms) to the front of the house (laundry and kitchen). Eating breakfast is the last thing the littles and I do.

I’ve created a printable PDF of the Elements of a Great Morning Routine for you to print and hang on your fridge while you are establishing your morning routine habit.

Download the PDF

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