Family Finances

If you’ve ever listened to Dave Ramsey, then you’ll know what I mean when I say that I am the financial nerd in our family. In fact, I might be biggest financial nerd in my whole, entire extended family as well.

I can spend hours working on our family finances: detailing our budget, calculating out how to reduce our debt and save more money.  I find investing–ahem–exciting.  In short, I totally geek out over managing our money.

That’s probably how we have been able to do so much on our single, modest income.

We’re raising four girls, saving for college, planning for retirement and snowballing our debt, all while enjoying life–including taking two to four mini vacations a year. And, no, we don’t make a six figure income. 

We all have to stop buying into the lie that the average family can’t make it on the average family income. When you learn how to manage your family finances well, you can make your money stretch a lot further.

If you are looking for the absolute fastest way to get out of debt or how to live on nothing to hit your financial goals, that’s wonderful, but I’m not your girl.

If, however, you want to learn a system that will help you save, pay off debt and get control over your spending, all while raising a family, I can help you out.

I’m going to show you how to win at this family finance thing.  Slow and steady may not win the race this time, but it will get us to where we want to be and still enjoy life along the way.

What are the biggest financial obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your goals? What do you want to learn about? Let me know in the comments!