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My Simple Multi-Purpose Office Nook

This corner used to be our “play room.” There were toys strewn all over the floor, spreading into the rest of the house, and I had no place to call my own. I wanted a spot just for me–an office nook of sorts, but more than that– a place to work on my blog, sit with my bible or just visit with a friend over coffee.

Well, we finally got my office nook finished and I am so excited to share it with you!

The Requirements

Like every other space in our home, my office nook had to be multifunctional. This space actually acts as my morning coffee spot, prayer corner, reading nook, and my home office–all in 64 square feet and all for under $250.

I bought this little bistro table and chair set for $100 off Facebook marketplace. Isn’t it cute? It’s the perfect size for the space and the chairs are super comfy.

Simple wooden barstools–$10, also off the Marketplace–make it easy for a couple kids to pull up chairs and sit with me, like when we have “Tea Parties.” This one in the corner acts as a small end table or plant stand when not in use.

Space for a Catholic Home Alter

In the other corner is a little table set up to be our Catholic Home Alter. It holds our rosaries, prayer books, and other Catholic Sacramentals. Underneath the table is a basket where I keep our bibles and other religious books.

The girls and I can sit at the table to say the rosary or read from our bibles together. Would you believe they all enjoy praying the rosary with me? Even the toddler has a set of rosary beads that she loves to play with while the rest of us pray.

The high shelf above the windows holds a small memorial in the corner with the urns for the babies we miscarried. I thought right above our pray alter was a perfect place! The rest of the shelf is just family photos and d├ęcor.

See the faux plants hanging down? They are hiding the seams in the shelf. It’s actually 4 different boards joined together. Shh….

My mobile office is in a bag in the closet there, so it’s easy to pop it in and out as needed. I love that I can take this bag anywhere I need to work!

What’s in My Mobile Office Bag?

This bag has pretty much everything I need for my normal weekly planning and office tasks:

  • checks and banking supplies
  • my planner
  • folders
  • notebooks
  • office supplies like hole punches, a stapler, pens and pencils, highlighters, etc
  • an address book
  • my laptop

So, there you have it: my super simple office nook. Nine months later, it’s still my favorite place to sit with a cup of coffee and work on my blog or read my bible while the kids play out back. It’s not a traditional “office space,” it’s true, but living in small house, I’ve learned that to get the most out a small space you have to think outside the box.

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you n the comments!

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