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Sunday Update–IEPs Maple Syrup and Birthday Wishes

So, I thought it might be fun to just tell you guys what we’re been up to all week. I’m going to try to do this weekly, but you, know…life!

Mom Life

There is so much going on right now that it has been hard to find time to even keep up on laundry, let alone blog. We finally got the results back from Alli’s school evaluation–which were totally different than the test results from the Children’s hospital, which wasn’t confusing at all– and had her IEP meeting on Wednesday, so I spent the majority of Sunday through Wednesday morning pouring over the evaluation report and making sure that I agreed with their findings–It’s a long story that I plan on sharing later.

In the end, I think we do finally have a good picture of what’s going on and it’s all really great news. Our school is pretty great and we worked out a great plan for her, but it was super stressful for a few days. Any other special needs moms reading this? You know what it’s like!

We are working hard on potty training with Dr. Macy, who is super into Doc McStuffins these day. Bribing with M&Ms only works about half of the time. Otherwise she really just doesn’t have much interest in using the potty. Anyone great at potty training have some good advice? Geesh!

We had 3 hours of therapy for Alli, 3 days of volunteering at school, cheer practice and games, girl scouts, soccer and I had 5 meetings for various volunteer positions I hold. Then there was the Family Dinner Dance at school on Friday and my hubby’s birthday on Saturday. It’s been a busy week! We made it through, but I definitely have some catching up to do at home next week.

Julie is 7 months this week and crawling EVERYWHERE. She’s been sitting up all on her own for a couple weeks too. Isn’t it just crazy how fast they change and gain new skills??

Gardening and Homesteading Update

It’s late February in Indiana, which means it’s maple syrup season and we’ve finally have all the trees tapped. We’ve been simmering sap on the stove for days and have about three bottles of syrup so far. Other than that, it’s February in Indiana, so there’s nothing really more to report this week. Looking ahead, I need to prune the fruit trees–especially since I didn’t do it last winter. They need some serious TLC.

It’s almost time to start our seeds for this year’s garden and I still haven’t even done our garden plan. So, I guess I should probably get on that this week, huh?

Homemaking Madness

So, I’m not super-mom. We’ve been crazy busy this week and something had to give. Housework definitely was that something. I finally got the laundry caught up on Friday, but it’s not put away and I’m feeling a little cluttered. I have some serious catching up to do as far as deep cleaning and organizing goes. I think it’s about time for a good spring cleaning.

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